Thursday, 1 May 2014

QABA available NOW!

Quantitative Acid Base Analyser
Download now and take your Acid Base Analysis to a new and quantitative level!

Available free for iOS and Android at the Apple App store and Google Play store

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QABA is designed for Anaesthetic/ICU Consultants and Registrars, but may also be useful for other health and veterinary professionals

QABA allows you to enter the blood results and quickly analyse the Acid Base disturbance as per a refinement of the Quantitative Acid Base Analysis introduced by P. Stewart in 1978

The App features: 'swipe' buttons for quick data entry, a colour coded results screen, with a text report & Gamblegram. The App also includes a brief introduction to understanding QABA and a User Guide.

Just enter the levels of sodium, potassium, chloride, pH, CO2 and the App will calculate the results of the 3 independent variables that control blood plasma pH; CO2 Strong Ion Difference (SID) and Weak Acids (Atot), NB: Atot requires at least Albumin or Total Protein level. The app will also display the Net Unmeasured Ions (NUI). NUI is an advancement on the Strong Ion Gap used in Stewarts original equations which is comparable to the Anion Gap used in traditional acid base analysis.

For added Analysis accuracy QABA can also accept the phosphate, ionised calcium, magnesium, sulphate, lactate, urate, albumin and total protein levels.

This App is based on version 11.6 of the P Lloyd 'Quantitative Acid Base Analysis' in use at Hawkes Bay hospital, New Zealand. The App was written by Dr C Donald and supervised by Intensivists Dr M Park and Dr R Freebairn.


Every effort has been made to make this anylser an accurate and useful clinical tool. However the results must be considered alongside the clinical context and the user assumes all liability/responsibility for the clinical decisions made based upon QABA's results

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